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Shadow areas to illuminate.
It seems that a lot of things have been forgotten

  Welcome - Einstein's relativity - The ether - Galileo's relativity - Waves - References 


Sources de The ether of Albert Einstein


1)         The Immobility of the Earth in the Center of the World §8

2)         Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems—Ptolemaic and Copernican

4)         Michelson-Morley experiment:

5)         Lorentz_transformation

6)         Woldemar Voigt

7)         Henry Poincaré

Henri Poincaré, mémoire de Palerme size:10.0pt;mso-bidi-font-size:9.0pt;mso-ansi-language: FR">

8)         Founding article of special relativity, published in German in 1905 in the journal Annalen der Physik, under the title: “Zur Elektrodynamik bewegter Körper” English translation: «On the electrodynamics of moving bodies» p. 1   href="

9)         On the electrodynamics of moving bodies (see 8)p.1 at the bottom"

10)      Photoelectric effect

11)      On the electrodynamics of moving bodies Kinematical part § 1. Definition of Simultaneity

12)      On the electrodynamics of moving bodies Kinematical part § 1. Definition of simultaneity at the end

13)      On the electrodynamics of moving bodies § 2. On the relativity of lengths and times.

14)      On the electrodynamics of moving bodies § 3. Theory of the transformation of co-ordinates

15)      Twin paradox paradox

16)      Einstein “the happiest idea of my life”

17)      The principle of equivalence between acceleration and gravitation,to%20the%20acceleration%20of%20an

18)      Patrick Girard. Histoire de la Relativité Générale d’Einstein: Développement Conceptuel de la Théorie. Sciences de l’Homme et Société. University of Wisconsin-Madison USA, 1981. Français tel-02321688


20)     Gravitational wave href= wave

21)      Lorentz ether theory

22)      Einstein admits the existence of ether
(Ludwik Kostro, Einstein and the ether, Montreal, Apeiron, 2000 (ISBN 0-9683689-4-8)

23)      Einstein's New Ether Springer note 30 de) A. Einstein, Äther und Relativitätstheorie: Exposé fait le 5 mai 1920 à l'Université de Leyde, Berlin, 1920

24)      Einstein, Äther und Relativitätstheorie

25)      Thibault Damour: Space is a block of jelly

26)      Unruh effect href=

27)      Casimir effect  href="

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