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Monday 3 december 2023

Publication of the book "The ether of Albert Einstein"

If you ask a physicist to explain ether to you, he will either be embarrassed or he will say that ether does not exist, that it was rejected by Einstein in 1905.

But, Einstein published “The ether and the theory of relativity". After his theory of general relativity, he became aware of the problem posed by deformable space and gravitational waves.

He conferred with other physicists and recognized the existence of the Lorentz ether, with no physical characteristics except immobility. An immobility that Einstein removed.

Einstein confirms the condition for the existence of an ether. Special Relativity requires that this environment cannot be considered as an absolute reference. Assuming that light moves at the same speed in each inertial frame, it is assumed to be stationary in each frame. This situation prevented Einstein from going further.

We have found a hypothesis that could explain this mysterious movement : the speed of light would be everywhere the same, because the ether would be seen as motionless everywhere. This hypothesis is very simple, and we propose experiments that are also quite simple to verify it.

Le samedi 16 juillet 2022

Einstein later dreamed of unifying general relativity and quantum mechanics

Once experiments have proven that our hypothesis to explain the movement of Einstein's ether is correct, we will then be able to examine another hypothesis which implies the existence of the ether. We did not want to embark on speculation concerning the nature of the ether and then, as time passed, by reflecting on Einstein's dream of bringing together the two great theories of generalized relativity and quantum mechanics, we decided a possibility that could prove interesting to explore.

For the photoelectric effect, physicists have replaced the photon with a wave packet, we can imagine this packet contains being reduced to a corpuscul which vibrates with an energy = a Planck action quantum and which strikes the electron as much of times as the value of the frequency of the wave per second.

It's premature and hypothetical but it's a good argument to start by checking if ether exists.

Albert Einstein

Isaac Newton


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