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Shadow areas to illuminate.
It seems that a lot of things have been forgotten

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René Descartes

Descartes rejects the theory of the vacuum, because it is not possible that what is nothing has extension. Thus, according to Descartes, if a vase is empty of water, it is full of air, and if it were empty of all substance, its walls would touch.

The tourbillon mechanism

With regard to the movement of the planets, Descartes excludes an action at a distance from the Sun, this idea not resting at the time on any rational basis. It opposes empty space and fills it with ether swirling around the sun and causing the planets to move.

In Descartes' theory, the ether drags the earth and moves with it. Locally There is no movement between the earth and the ether and the ether is no longer an absolute reference. Without knowing it, Descartes confirmed the theory of the relativity of movement.

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