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It seems that a lot of things have been forgotten

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Relativity, twin's paradox

Galileo's principle of relativity: It is impossible to demonstrate a uniform rectilinear translation movement by an experience taking place in the frame of reference of the moving object without referring to the outside world. "Motion (inertial) is like nothing".

Albert Einstein remains our reference, including in the restoration of the ether with the article he published in 1921 entitled "ether and the theory of relativity".

We note that for the speed of Light to be the same constant in all the landmarks, the ether in which it moves must be motionless in all the landmarks regardless of their movement.

We have a hypothesis that solves this seemingly hopeless problem. A very simple hypothesis deduced from the "wonderful idea" of Einstein in 1907 when he realized that free fall in a gravitational field is equivalent to an inertial reference frame.

The simplicity of this hypothesis is such that it only takes two sentences to explain it:
1) Ether is matter-energy and as such it is in free fall in all gravitational fields.

2) Because of this, the ether is motionless with all bodies in free fall.

    Thank you for your attention.

Alber Einstein

Isaac Newton


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